Amazon Launch 3000 Satellites

Amazon Plans To Launch Over 3000 Satellites 

Amazon is going to enter the broadband services technology. This was announced by Inc on Thursday. It is going to launch satellites which can offer low latency and high-speed network. It has proposed the project Amazon Launch 3000 Satellites to the International Telecommunication Union in the last month.

The project name of this broadband service is named as “project Kuiper” by Amazon. This is an attempt by e-commerce to provide internet access to people globally. Inc is going to launch about 3,000 satellites in the space. These will launch in the low earth orbit satellites. This mainly focused on the people globally who are in a lack of basic internet services.

The filings included that the Amazon Launch 3000 Satellites will be in low orbit which seen at altitudes racing from 367 miles to 397 miles. The Kuiper is the belt that has asteroids and dwarf planets.

The chief executive officer of Amazon Jeff Bezos is racing to pull the Space Company Blue Origin from startup mode to the production. There are many competitors in this case.

Amazon Launches Satellites To Offer Broadband Internet Services

They took this project to provide easy broadband to millions around the world. Amazon has invited the other companies who have the same imitative and they are looking forward to accompanying them. SpaceX, LeoSat Enterprises, and Canada are also working to launch the satellites to enable the data networks using the hundred of satellites in the same low earth orbits.

Earlier this year at the same time Jeff Bezos has signed a deal with Canada Telecast to launch the part of satellite communication. With this broadband then space Company Blue will also increase the production value of it.

Amazon Launch 3000 Satellites
Amazon Launch 3000 Satellites

There are also competitors who also want to launch the satellites in the low orbit place and provide internet access. They all want to give the less intermission and a quality internet to everyone.

Competitors like Elon Musk’s Rocket Company, Airbus-backed OneWeb are giving stiff competition in the same field. There are also other companies but these are the most prominent ones. Details of this project by Inc will test and approve with the Telecommunication Union and will give permission to launch the Satellite.

Jeff Bezo’s rocket company private space is one of the billionaire Crop of backed space ventures trying to disrupt the legacy lunch services. This service is going to use reusable rocket technology.

Amazon Offer Broadband Internet Services

These all details announced by the Amazon on Thursday. The main focus of this idea is to provide low disturbance or disconnection internet services. It also gives a very high-speed connection of broadband service. The cost of one satellite estimated to be $1 million each and at the first launch.

The startup in this technology like OneWeb will launch 650 over the two years of the time period. The trial satellite by Amazon may be in late 2019.

The idea of this project Kuiper will not only bring profits but also enter into its own business, satellite networks with the broadband speed comparable to the fiber-optic networks in the ground.

If the project Kuiper success with all facilities then we can enjoy Internet services easily and also with great connectivity and to the people who are not able to access internet services.

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