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10 Ways Your Android Smartphone Changes This Year

Android which is a popular operating system used by many of the people nowadays. All the Android smartphones are coming with the same features and look but with minor changes. Now we are here to share a piece of good news for all the Android Smartphone users.

Now Android smartphones are coming up with 10 best changes this year. Those changes are clearly discussed here. People who like to use and have Android as their handset can now check for the beautiful changes that have been upcoming this year.

10 Ways Your Android Smartphone Changes

In the I/O conference, Google has revealed its latest OS updates of Android clearly. This OS is named Android Q the beta version. This is firstly introduced in 23 devices and later it is continued with released models.

Android Smartphone
Android Smartphone

All the features included in Android Q will surely have a difference compared to the older versions. So all the users who love to use the Android platform can now check these fantastic features and use them.

With this new Android Q, the users can expect some of the best changes and features. Now here we are going to discuss those 10 Ways Your Android Smartphone Changes This Year.

Best Android Smartphone Features With Android Q

New Focus Modes – Mainly Google focuses on the piracy settings through this Android Q. Previously Users don’t have some piracy options to the calendar, camera, and few more. But with this Android Q, they are providing the best privacy options to its amazing users.

Privacy Options – A different and new focus mode is featured in this Android Q which will definitely attract all the Android users. By this OS, it helps its users to focus mainly on the important things.

Notification Controls And Management – The users can also feel the difference in the notification panel. Designed in such a way that users are happy in using this OS. The users can give a long press to get alerts or keep it in silent mode. This is the user modify according to their wish to have their notifications on the smartphone.

Privacy In Location Sharing – Nowadays with these smartphones, users can easily share their location. But in this new Android Q, the users can also maintain privacy while sharing their location. This makes them keep secure and safe.

Android Changes Its Features in 2019

Undo App Removal – It considered being one of the advanced features added in Android Q. By using this feature one can undo and get their deleted app back on their smartphone. This is very much useful when the user by mistake deletes or removes the app from their widget.

Dark Mode Option – Now android for the first time comes with dark mode and is applicable to any app. Also one of the fantastic feature associated with Android Q

Chat Bubbles – With this feature the user can customize there chat. That is like Facebook messenger the chat floats like a bubble on the smartphone screen.

Share Wi-Fi Network – Sharing wifi on your device is now simple with the QR code. This makes it very simple to connect your Android Smartphone with any Wifi.

Live Caption – Now the users of Android smartphones can see the live caption of any video without a data connection.

Better Screenshots – The screenshots created on Android smartphones improvised by including the notch area. This is so amazing and is awesome to have this feature with Android Q.

All these amazing and wonderful features were enjoyed by all the Android users this year. Hope all this comes fast and makes your experience greater with this Android Q OS.

Every year Android Smartphone comes with the same features with little modifications. But this year Android is coming with 10 ways to change its style.

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