Apple Unveils The Lab For Robot

Apple Unveils The Lab For Robot And New Recycling Programs

Apple has a lab where it uses the Robot and rips the iPhone apart and makes it useful for the future. This lab was recently out and the robots are called Daisy. This is one of Apple most valuable resources.

Apple Unveils The Lab For Robot 

This is very good at tearing the iPhone apart and trained with a precision that is unimaginable a few years ago. The Daisy will carefully rip off everything such that it can go through the recycling process.

The lab is a part of Apple’s Broader to make all products recycled and renewable. It has the motto of producing all recycled iPhone at some point in time. Apple has already used the melted aluminum of the iPhone in producing the MacBook Air.

It recently announced that new problems with the daisy cleared and now it can rip off 200 iPhones in each hour. The robot is very good at tearing the iPhones. There is an artificial intelligence that will detect the iPhone when it enters the machine.

A variety of tools that will tear the iPhone that includes a tool that can take out the battery and as the glue becomes hard, it is removed with the help of arms. The small pins that can pick the display off from the cover that surrounds the display will also be removed.

Apple Robot And Its New Recycling Programs

The daisy can drill in and can punch the phone and remove the things that can make the recycling process difficult. So, the robot is very good at breaking the iPhone apart with all the same precision and thoughtfulness while manufacturing.

These robots built in an efficient way that can destroy and for the first time Daisy revealed in detail by Apple. It came to this decision as it wants to increase the effort of the recycling process.

Apple Unveils The Lab For Robot
Apple Unveils The Lab For Robot

With the help of the lab, the apple is hoping to have more chances to learn about the repurpose of the e-waste. The plan to let other companies also get an idea of this recycling process with their own robots.

A 9,000 square foot facility is in Austin, Texas, and hopes to create “next-gen” ways of scraping the iPhone. The daisy robots introduced in the last year that can disassemble the iPhone.

 Robot To Recycle iPhones

From the last year, it has gone through many updates and now it can disassemble 15 different iPhone models at a rate of 1.23 million numbers of iPhones per year.

These robots manufactured considered all around the world. That it can pull out the minerals and key metals which can be re-used in all other gadgets.

The solid reason for this set up is the replica of one of the facilities that how recycling takes place and it’s importance in today’s environment. Apple says it is a setup facility because no efficient recycling technique exists for some materials.

Apple is already using the recycling products and also 100 percent recycled tin for the main logic boards on eleven different products.

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