Artificial Intelligence Lab

Google Opens Its First Artificial Intelligence Lab In Ghana, Africa

This is a piece of good news that Google has opened a new lab for artificial intelligence research in Ghana, Africa. This will help to develop solutions in healthcare, education, and agriculture.

Artificial Intelligence can change and improve the lives and reduce the inequalities between the people. Africa has many issues where Artificial intelligence can help it to come through them.

Google Opens Artificial Intelligence Lab 

People think of AI daily in their routine life. They most likely think of the scenes from the science fiction movies but in reality, it applies in everyday life from virtual assistants to language translation on Google.

Google wants to be in the first position as an “AI-first” company and with research centers across the globe in places such as Tokyo, Zurich, New York, and Paris. In the last week, it opened the first center in Africa in Ghana’s capital city, Africa.

The Google AI efforts in African team, to provide developers with the necessary research needed to build products that can solve problems That are facing by Africa.

All these researches and the results will be published in an open-source so that everybody can get access and use it to build all sorts of things using them.

Google Artificial Intelligence Lab In Ghana, Africa

A rural farmer in Tanzania shows over the fading cassava plant using the phone.  Within seconds she gets the problems with the plant and the best way to diagnose it. She also got the best way to increase and manage production.

This is an example of the type of product they are going to plan that can help the low and poor people of the country. His team is going to collaborate with the relevant institutions across the various sectors.

Google describes the AI is the area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans to solve real-world problems.

Artificial Intelligence Lab
Artificial Intelligence Lab

Artificial Intelligence a critical tool used today to accelerate all sorts of sciences. But most of the working and developing centers of these sciences in the western countries.

It is important that such fields should be accelerated and developed all over the world. These are used to solve the issues in every field and Africa is a place where it needs the solutions which are available even to the low-class people in the society.

First Artificial Intelligence Lab In Africa By Google

The center will also focus on improving Google translates ability to capture African languages more accurately. The results will always give good quality and improve society in a further way.

Cisse, an expert from Senegal says that the center engages with the African Universities by providing grants. These interested various fields of AI and give scholarships to the Ph.D. in the center.

Google will also support the graduate’s programs in Machine Intelligence at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences center in Rwanda. Cisse also added that Africa is a continent with more than 2000 dialects that deserves a better serving.

The center of operations in a few months will show the transformation effect in Africa for sure. It will also improve the livelihood of the people of the continent.

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