AI Converts Brain Activity

Artificial Intelligence Transform Brain Activity 

Artificial intelligence is an exhibit by machines to show intelligence in comparison with humans. It involves every latest technology to reach the goals easily. AI is everywhere not only in machines but also in Agriculture and medicine. It always solves complex study issues like neuroscience.

The neuroscientist is trying with AI which can transform Brain activity into realistic speech. The people who cannot speak can only give signals or think things in their brains. This AI will help to bring their thoughts to outside in the form of speech.

AI Transform Brain Activity 

People who are paralyzed and lost the speech in some accident signals are the main sources to create this idea. These signals cannot be decoded easily. So, three research teams recently made progress in turning date from electrodes.

These electrodes placed in the brain and into a computer-generated speech system which contains two main parts.  Using computational models known as neural networks they can reconstruct words and sentences that were and in some cases intelligible to human listeners.

The neural network-based system will track brain activity and use it to generate real speech. It is the idea for a noble cause for giving a voice who cannot speak. We will see about the system and its working.

AI Converts Brain Activity Into Speech

The system came from the University of California San Francisco that revolves around tracking the activity of the brain. It has the electrodes in the shape of the stamp and feeds the information to the machine learning system.

When the information is fed into the machine language system it translates the activity to synthetic speech producing the entire spoken language in a realistic speech understandable by any human listeners.

The machine does not translate the thoughts to speech instead of translating these signals directly they use a virtual vocal tract mimicking the exact emotions of brain-region involves in language production triggers to produce speech.

AI Converts Brain Activity
AI Converts Brain Activity

Researchers have demonstrated that their virtual vocal tract includes two neural network algorithms, producing natural-sounding speech. These two will help to convert the signals to speech.

Artificial Intelligence Into Realistic Speech

The working of this machine is one of the algorithms. It decodes and analyzes signals from the brain speech center to know which muscular movements the brain is signaling. The second part of the machine uses these movements to define a synthetic approximate in the form of voice.

All this information will store in the cloud and gives voice to people without speech. Though the system not in the full complete state the researcher believes it can improve to give speakability to people of neurodegenerative diseases, paralysis, and loss of speech in injury.

It won’t take much time to program and give the thoughts out in the form of speech. It may convert 10 odd words per minute but can also an error in converting. So, the researchers are making many efforts to make this possible in a perfect way.

If they can hear the computer’s speech interpretation in real-time, they may be able to adjust their thoughts to get the results. With enough training to both users and neural networks, brain and computer can meet in the middle that can make this possible.

Artificial Intelligence which is AI Can now Transform the Brain Activity Into Realistic Speech. Advanced technology is seen in the coming years.

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