Artificial Intelligence

Incredible Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Now Used In Mental Health

Artificial Intelligence is used everywhere like in health and education. It gives the best solutions to solve the issues with very relative solutions and is very perfect.

The mental health crisis is being experienced more and about 15.5% of the global population is affected by mental illness. Most of them are not treated. According to a survey, one of five adults suffer from these illnesses and try to end their life.

The complication comes as the treatment of this mental illness is very costly and also loss of productivity. We also don’t know whether it can cure our mental health.

Artificial Intelligence Is Now Used In Mental Health

There are no psychiatrists and mental health specialist and this is also a reason for AI to Involve in health care. The United States has 40 % of Americans live where there is a shortage of medical health professionals.

As there is no access and people just neglect as they cannot afford the treatment. The mental depression visits primary care physicians an average of five times a year whereas three times for those who don’t have.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Annually more than $201 billion are spent on mental health which makes it the most expensive part of the health care system after the heart care diagnosis part. So, artificial health will help to get more expansion and easy and also reduces the cost of treatment.

Researchers are already testing different ways that AI can help screen, diagnose, and treat mental illness. The World Well-Being Project is analyzing social media with an AI algorithm to find people suffering from depression. The posts of them in social media will express depression and also dealing with other chronic conditions.

They are also trying to figure out by using technology to explore facial expressions, the enunciation of words, tone, and language can also indicate the risk of suicide.

Incredible Ways Of AI In Health Care

There are many companies that are using Artificial Intelligence to help and tackle the mental health crisis.  The Quartet can possible mental conditions and can refer patients to a provider or a computer cognitive therapy program.

There are benefits in using Artificial intelligence to cure mental health conditions. We give the reasons why AI is a powerful tool that help to solve the mental health crisis.

Always Accessible – We know that there are fewer human health professionals and it will take months to have new appointments.  The AI will help in the areas where there are fewer doctors to attend. No need to wait for a longer time for the appointments.

Low Cost – As we know the cost of mental health diagnosis is very high and also cost of care stops some individuals from health care. AI tools will offer a more accessible solution.

Comfort level with AI – Some people may feel uncomfortable at the starting stage but can cope up in time. Few of us will feel free talking about difficulties to an AI bot rather than a person.

Support Mental Health Professionals – AI can support professionals with their jobs. The algorithm can analyze the data much faster than humans, can suggest possible treatments, and monitor a patient’s progress. They alert the human professionals in any emergency to concern.

AI Now Used In Mental Health

Though there is a great promise of using AI to help the mental health crisis there are few obstacles that we need to overcome. They should also take care of people’s comfort and privacy concerns.

We need to use the apps after consulting with a medical health professional. It is also essential that they are a protocol in place to make them safe and effective. Also, built and train with a diverse data set. So, they are not biased towards a particular population.

Incredible Ways Of Artificial Intelligence in health care. This makes all the mental health-related issues solve by using this amazing AI.

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