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Xiaomi MIUI Global Beta Brings Features Like Screen Timing

Xiaomi MIUI – Google introduced the Digital Wellbeing feature in Android Pie of Google Pixel device. This helps to use the phone better and being responsible for using the device. Digital Wellbeing feature will help to limit the phone usage and other information.

The Screen Timing will give the data number of times and also the phone unlock and notifications and many more. Xiaomi MIUI is going to introduce this feature and join the group of screen timing. This gives the number of hours seeing the phone in the form of bars and you can see the data of the past 30 days.

Xiaomi updated regularly with all different and advanced features. The feature in MIUI 10 beta v9.4.15 is released in this week. It has introduced the feature publically.

First it is available for the MIUI Global Beta users and lately, it will be available for others also. All the MIUI phones will update by the end of this week.

Stable users in a future update. Though the feature is first introduced in Google there is not much difference in the Xiaomi Phones. You can set the time alerts of watching the phone and stop using it when the time exceeds.

Xiaomi MIUI Features Like Screen Timing

Always the notification of the alert seen in the bar. Other features which will help you to use the phone less. The Wind Down feature limits notification and turns the display grayscale which makes easier on eyes and encourages you to off the phone.

In Xiaomi, you can see the option in the settings of the phone. We can tap on the particular app individually and see the total time screen on time spent for an app on a particular day.

Xiaomi MIUI
Xiaomi MIUI

All these Screen time records seen in the form of bar graphs in the Screen timing option. This will inform the number of times the phone is unlocked, a number of notifications received per day, week.

We can also have a look at the frequency of notifications per app. The graph can also show the number on an hourly basis. The timer is the best option in the screen timing of the Xiaomi MIUI phone.

Google Brings Digital Wellbeing Features Like Screen Timing

The alarm of the time alert can be snoozed or dismissed when the time limit elapsed. The limit should be set by the user. In the Google pixel, the icon of App turns to grey color when the timer is completed.

Xiaomi will never add new facts and there are many updates it has given to its devices. Though it is not a popular product in the field it is the fastest one to get the updates.

Digital Well-being has very much importance these days everyone is likely to adapt to them. So, it is very important for every individual to have a graph or data about their spending time on the phone.

Check out this Digital Wellbeing application and try the feature of your Xiaomi MIUI. The option is a very good, interesting and much-needed feature.

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