Hike Develop AI And ML

Hike To Develop AI And ML With IIT Delhi Research Initiative

Hike which is a messaging platform similar to Whatsapp. Using Hike one can send messages, do audio and video calls. There is also one more facility that is using Hike one can message to the nonhike member. This helps the non-hike member to see the message send by hike members without the internet. It is the best feature available exclusively on Hike.

Apart from this now Hike is tying up with IIT Delhi to perform researches and develop AI and ML. More about is discussed fully in the below section.

Hike Develop AI And ML With IIT Delhi

One of the top messenger applications Hike is now dealing with Indraprastha Institute Of Technology Delhi (IIT-D) to start research in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language.

This initiation is mainly taken by a hike to increase the country’s wealth by developing AI and ML. This is done easily by combining different missions which make the task easier and quicker.

It also stated that Hike is also soon going to mingle with other Indian educational institutes. It will surely help to fasten the research in the fields of AI and ML. The future is completely based on these two technologies. So Hike is trying to improvise in these sectors mainly.

Anshuman Misra, a partner fro Hike stated that they are glad to combine with Indian Talents in researching. He also stated that there support will truly increase the advancement of AI and ML ecosystems.

Hike Develop AI And ML
Hike Develop AI And ML

Besides this, it will also create a path in the advancement of research innovation in Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Link and speech Prediction, Deep Learning, and much more.

Hike Bets Big On AI And ML

The director of IIT – D is also glad by working and joining with Hike. He also gave a statement that this is the first project with Hike and also he told that they will continue further with more other projects. He also mentioned that this open research by his students will create huge success in their careers.

The hike will soon collaborate with other Indian research universities. This makes to enables connectivity with early-stage research. Now at present China is topping first in AI. To fill this gap hike combined with IIT to increase the research on AI and top AI.

The main goal of combining Hike with IIT is to work with stakeholders and improve the research in AI and ML. So this definitely hope works better with this happy collaboration.

Hike To Develop AI And ML

The hike which is an instant messaging app is now currently working for the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language. This is so because future technology totally deals with the advancement of AI.

In every aspect, AI used with high intelligence. Future technology is surely based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language. This because Ai is totally handled and controlled by the machine. AI is programmed in such a way that everything is done in an accurate and easy way.

This messaging platform not only allows its users to send messages but also can send many stickers. In their database, there are a total of 30 thousand stickers in 40 different languages. Now the team is trying to increase their stickers up to 1 lakh.

The hike is now currently working for white papers, projects, and few initiatives. They are also trying to provide internships to the students to create the Indian economy.

That’s it Hike Bets big on AI and ML to increase the research and get fast output to the Indian Acadamy.

The hike associated with IIT Delhi Research Initiative to develop Artificial intelligence and Machine Language.

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