China's Advances Its Artificial Intelligence

China’s Government System Helps To Advance Its Artificial Intelligence

The Chinese have demonstrated the recent technologies advances and have a debate on whether to take a lead in artificial intelligence. Which has extensive business in every field.

The United States says that china’s AI advances have also influenced the ongoing traded negotiations between Washington and Beijing. The measures to stop information leaks to Chinese are continuously taken by the United States and the European Union.

China’s Advances Its Artificial Intelligence

But there is other information like Chinese corporates can research in areas like 5G and AI without information from the western countries. China is already leading in segments like autonomous vehicles, facial recognition, and certain kinds of drones.

The Allen institute which is a U.S base recently said that China is second after the United States in publishing research papers on Artificial intelligence. The U.S contribution is 29% and China is very close to 26% of these papers.

The United States always stands first but the significant new investments in AI by China are closing this gap rapidly. The Chinese president has recently encouraged its leaders to ensure the country should march first in the Artificial intelligence field.

China's Advances Its Artificial Intelligence
China’s Advances Its Artificial Intelligence

The Analysts say that Chinese government support is the main reason for the technical advancement that it could build the infrastructure such as cloud computing and software engineering workforce and become a big player in artificial intelligence.

China’s Government System Helps To Advance  Artificial Intelligence

The Chinese capabilities in image and facial recognition are best in the world. Because of the involvement of government controls made it easier to generate data from a wide range of sources like banks, Mobile phones companies, and social media.

The Chinese do not have the strengths in terms of application development and have the potential to take lead in the deployment of some technologies like autonomous vehicles and facial recognition.

This development should face hurdles in ethical, social, and policy that will block the development in other parts of the world. All these said by the experts according to their strategies.

China can use deep learning in very large databases. In general, China has the advantage of having more real-world data to train their AI systems on it.

It also has the electronic payment platforms which not found in the U.S or Europe. WeChat provides an advanced platform for the rapid introduction of further AI technologies.

China’s Artificial Intelligence

The U.S is also playing a key role in developing AI in western countries. The leadership in Artificial intelligence will maintain the economic and national security of the United States said by its president.

The U.S government is spending $2 billion over five years for research. But the Chinese government planning to spend $15 billion on AI over 10 years. So, the U.S federal government is at risk of being outspent by a provincial government of China.

The Chinese limits in AI suffer from the major weakness in areas like advanced semiconductors to support machine learning applications. At the bottom line when it comes to the AI fields, China is not the technological leader. Also, it is not the source of most of the innovations.

Even though there is a lot of competition, combining and exchanging of ideas will occur between the two countries in the field of AI.

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