Multisensory VR

Multisensory VR Allows Users To Step Into Movie And Interact With Objects

Virtual reality is a computer-generated interactive experience in a simulated environment. This is mainly used in the virtual reality headsets. The combination with physical things to generate realistic images, sounds and situations will add more to your experience.

Multisensory VR Allows Interaction With Objects

Virtual Reality is in games, movies that will give you the physical experience and add more entertainment. Now, these are introduced in movies so you can able to interact with people in the movie.

Hollywood is going to combine with the virtual technology and taking the movies to the next level that can take the viewers to a multi-sensory journey.

The Dreamscape is planning to open more virtual reality venues in Los Angeles and also across the U.S and slowly in other countries. For now, the company offers this virtual reality movie for $20 in Los Angeles.

The visitors of this say that it was a good experience that it will take them to another world leaving the reality behind. The Dreamscape will take you to the adventures that change time, space, and dimension.

Multisensory VR

If you enter the Disney world with this Multisensory VR then you can see the creatures from outer space and go for a treasure hunt or underwater adventure. These are the words of Vaughn who work for Disney theme park.

VR Allows Users To Step Into Movie 

The Dreamscape can change your Hollywood storytelling movies to theme parks. All these are possible only with the virtual reality says motion picture screenwriter and producer Walter Parkers.

The unique thing about this VR and movie combining is it can track your whole body and movements and change you to an avatar. You can actually register yourself in the virtual world that is a very special and different experience.

To step into the virtual world we need to wear the sensors like one on each hand and foot and have a backpack on and virtual goggles. This will take you the virtual world where you can see the creatures and be a part of them.

The combination of Multisensory VR will erase the line between the physical and virtual worlds. You can reach the alien in the other world, make friends with that and even touch it. This will bring change in your way and it is physical in the VR world says, Vaughn.

Multisensory VR Allows Users To Step Into Movie 

The backpack you have will add more effects to your Virtual reality world. It will help you to experience the weather and climate changes there. It will give effects like wind, mist, and even ground vibrations.

All these are in 10 minutes show by the Dreamscape and six people at a time can take part in this and experience the interaction with the other world. The showing is gaining more attention from the people.

The Dreamscape is now planning to open many centers to watch the virtual reality show. The creators of this are busy in bringing the new world for the travelers who visit. If all things fall in place we can have extreme experience going to another world and enjoy.

Multisensory VR Allows its Users To Step Into Movie And have an Interactaction With the Objects. This is an advancement in the present technology.

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