Internet Users In India Increases

Internet Users In India Increases To 800 Million In Next Four Years

There is a continuous increase in the users of social media in India. On average people are spending about 17 hours each week. This is more than the average rate of China and the United States.

Internet Users In India Increases every year due to its advantages and easily available on the Internet. So, according to a survey, internet users in India increases to 800 Million in the next four years.

Internet Users In India Increases To 800 Million 

As the data cost being in decreasing state frequently the internet service is easily available for every user. The number of internet users is rising by 40 percent. So, this will also increase the Smartphone to double in the coming years.

According to the latest data by McKinsey Global Institute, the number of users rises up to 750-800 million in India. India is also a home of one of the world’s largest and fast-growing bases of digital consumers.

Among other emerging countries India is a large digital consuming and fast adaption is digitization. The ‘Digital India-Technology to Transform a connection Nation’ report also confirmed that the core digital sector to grow double in the next seven years.

In numbers, India is using 8.3 Gigabits of data each month on average when compared to 5.5 GB of usage in China and 8-8.5 GB in the advanced digital economy of South Korea. At present India has 1.2 billion smartphones.

Increased Internet Users In India

The number of Apps downloaded and subscription in these mobile phones are 12.3 billion Last year (2018). All these numbers are when there is only 40% of the population has an internet subscription. The private sector firms like Jio has in much involvement in this development.

Internet Users In India Increases
Internet Users In India Increases

Bringing internet enable service and Mobile phones by Re4laince Jio to millions of customers has a great impact on this increase. The mobile data consumption has an increase of 150 % annually.

In India, the cost of GB has fallen down from 9.3 percent per capita monthly GDP in 2013 to 0.37 in 2017 which is a drastic change. The free service data strategy for their subscription by Jio also suppressed the innovation and competitive pricing in the sector.

We can also observe an increase in the Average fixed-line download speed increased by 4 times in 2014-2017. The monthly data consumption per user is also growing at 152 times annually.

India Internet Increases To 800 Million In Next Four Years

The report also adds there is a lot of space for this increase like only a few percentages of people make online trade. As the 90 percent cash transactions are taking place and yet there is a lot of increase in Internet users.

If the maximum of the transaction is made by the internet than these numbers will increase and will become one of the top countries in digitization. McKinsey’s survey also says that 600 large and small companies in India indicate the increasing level of digitization.

All these factors like a decrease in the rate charge per GB and easy availability and increase in the usage of smartphones are affecting the fast track to digital things and internet subscriptions will continue the rapid increase in the next five years.

Internet Users In India has been increasing day by day in this modern world. So in the next four years, internet usage is going to increase by 800 million.

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